6HW-80 high-range smoke sprayer with tractor delivered


On March 25th, a 6HW-80 high-range smoke sprayer purchased from a certain place was shipped with a tractor!

The machine has a long range (vertical range 30-35 meters, horizontal range 55-65m), good penetration;

Ultra-low volume, low volume, constant spray, saving medicine, high drug utilization rate and low pollution;

Low labor intensity, high working efficiency (500-650 acres can be controlled per hour), and low control cost;

It is suitable for the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests in tall forests such as the Three North Shelterbelt, Field Shelterbelt, Fast-growing Timber Poplar Forest, Economic Forest, Greening Trees on Both Sides of Highways, and Urban Street Trees

It can quickly kill locusts and control large-scale agricultural and forestry diseases and insect pests;

It is suitable for sterilization and deworming of outdoor large-area places such as urban greening, garbage dumps, and large stadiums.

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